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It’s time your brand turned heads. Because in business, wallflowers are easy to overlook.

An unforgettable brand is one part beauty (design) and one part brains (strategy). Here, you’ll get both — so you can stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

Create a Brand so Irresistible They Can’t Help but Stare.

Visual Brand & Design Strategy

Break out the champagne! Time to share your new brand with the world.

06. Celebrate!

You’ll receive any hand-drawn elements or brand patterns (full branding only) or add-ons you’ve selected.

05. The Finer Details

I’ll create 2 options for your logo(s), color palette, and typesuite (2 rounds of revisions are included so we get it just right.)

04. Design & Refine

Choose from 2-3 distinct moodboard options for potential execution of your design.

03. Creative Direction

I’ll conduct industry research and a competitor analaysis to understand where your business fits in—and how it stands out.

02. Research & Strategy

Complete your brand questionnaire and create your vision board to guide our work together.

01. Client Homework

The Six Stages of Visual Branding

Choose Your Branding Package

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timeline: approximately 6 weeks

Investment: starts at $2,750

- Brand questionnaire 
- Abbreviated brand strategy
- Moodboard and creative direction
- Main logo and submark
- Color palette and typesuite
- 25 page brand book

the partial Branding Package Includes:

Ideal for business owners who are just starting out and have a limited budget, this option gives you a solid start with all the core elements of your brand identity.

You’ll get a clearer sense of what your business is all about and how to show up in your marketing.

just the essentials

Partial Branding

Inquire today

timeline: approximately 8 weeks

Investment: starts at $6,000

- Brand questionnaire 
- Extensive brand strategy
- Moodboard and creative direction
- Complete logo suite
- Color palette and typesuite
- Hand-drawn elements/icons or custom patterns
- Curated stock image gallery
- Launch graphics
- 50+ page brand book

The full branding package includes:

Ready to go deep? For those looking for a more long-term strategy, we’ll explore your brand in-depth and create a wider variety of design options that will last you for years to come so you can show up anywhere and everywhere.

This option gives you everything you need to show up as an expert brand with a consistent, cohesive identity online and in-person. You’ll receive enough for print collateral, including multiple logo options, as well as an understanding of how to use your design assets, launch your brand, and create a lasting impression.

Most popular

Everything you need to show up with confidence

Full Branding

- Cassie Paton, Mettle & Tonic

My business was growing, but my DIY ‘branding’ (aka random colors and a Canva logo) was holding me back.

I wanted to be able to show up boldly and instill confidence in my potential clients.

Courtney went above and beyond. She asked all the right questions to get to the heart of what Mettle & Tonic is about. She brought a ton of enthusiasm, expertise, and thoughtfulness to the table. And what she created was even better than I could have imagined!

Every step of the process was an absolute joy, and now I couldn’t be more excited to show off my STUNNING new brand.

Be Your Own Brand #Goals

Add-On's & Design Day Offerings

Custom branded highlight icons to beautify your Instagram profile.

Instagram Highlight Icons

Customizable and branded Canva templates to make your Stories stand out from the rest.

Instagram Story Templates

Customizable and branded Canva templates for an eye-catching Instagram feed.

Social Media Post Templates

Ensure that your entire client experience from proposals to offboarding documents embody your brand.

pdf template designs

Branded elements for physical products or branded client gifts, including box, tissue paper, and sticker designs.

Packaging Design

Show your appreciation with a stunning branded thank-you note card.

Stationery Design

Gallery of 10-15 premium stock images curated specifically for your brand.

Stock Image Gallery

You’re going to want to hand these out to everyone you meet!

Business Card Design

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for something more custom. Can you help?

Yes! We can create a bespoke branding package just for you. Inquire below with a few details of what you’re looking for.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do! Please note a nonrefundable deposit (30-50% of the total, depending on the project) is required prior to our work together. The remaining balance can be paid in installments and must be paid in full prior to the end of our project.

will you design just a logo?

There's so much more to a brand than just the visual components (even though I wholeheartedly love designing those assets.) By starting with strategy, we'll use your offer/product suite, mission and values, unique value proposition, and target audience as the foundation to design the visual elements of your brand such as your logo, color palette, typesuite, icons, imagery, etc.

In order to create a memorable brand that withstands the test of time, we need to start from the ground up. This ensures that your business is set up for sustainable growth rather than simply handing you one logo that can't do all that heavy lifting on its own.

Do you offer design retainers?

For the right projects, absolutely. Let’s talk more about your needs and the scope of the work, and I’ll come up with a custom quote for you.

Are your prices negotiable?

No. However, if your budget doesn’t align with my pricing and you’d really like to work with me, let’s chat. I’m happy to come up with smaller package options that align with your budget.

Do you work with international clients?

I do! I enjoy working with clients all around the world.

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