As women, we're fed a lot of messages about who we should be, what we should want, and how we should act. 

But as woman who dared to ditch the status quo and build a business to create a life you love...

you said no to the shoulds and yes to the what-ifs.

Isn't it time your brand reflected that spirit?

Let's Craft a Brand as Bold, Unique, and Timeless as You Are. 

Your Business is an Extension of You. 

to evoke feelings of wanderlust, desire, and possibility—in you, and in your audience.

life's small pleasures

emotive color

natural elements

with intentional design inspired by

Supporting Ambitious Dreams and Crafting Irresistible Brands

You Need to be Obsessed with it First.



Because to Build a Brand Your Target Audience is

and I believe your business should be a conduit for a pinch me! kind of life. 

(For me, that looks like winters in Florida and midweek trail rides with my warmblood gelding, Z. But you picture your version!)

Branding is at the heart of all of that. It not only tells your story — it stirs up compelling emotions in your audience, too, which is what sparks a connection and inspires action. 

Hi There!

I'm Courtney Sloan

Hi There! I'm Courtney Sloan

let's make some magic

And That's How Your Brand Can Change Your Life AND  Your Audience's Lives.

As a kid, creativity was my middle name. I dabbled in everything from painting to drawing to Shrinky Dinks. (Remember those?!)

In high school, I became an avid photographer and dreamed of going to art school. But well-intentioned loved ones convinced me not to pursue the path of a starving artist. I bought into that fear and earned my degrees in the more practical majors of Business Management and Psychology instead. 

Ironically, that lent itself to the very creative work I do today: exploring the intersection of business strategy and emotion in brand design. 

But now I know the starving artist myth is a lie. 

I'm a proud creative who helps other creatives like you grow their business and buck the system that feeds us all those shoulds

And developing your brand's visual strategy is even more fun than making oven-baked Shrinky Dinks. 

On a more personal note...

genevieve martin, gen martin fit

Courtney's branding process was so collaborative and unique. The strategy behind every aspect of her work amazes me. Working with Courtney provided me with even more clarity surrounding my business, and I feel so much more confident in my brand. This was worth every penny!

cassie paton, mettle & tonic

Literally every inquiry I've received and every client I've worked with since my rebrand has been an ideal client. People compliment my branding all time and the visuals, messaging, and marketing pair together SO well.

brandi keiser, brandi keiser coaching

I am absolutely in love with my beautiful new branding! Having so many cohesive assets to create with has helped re-inspire my creativity and get back to pumping out digital products, which I completed stalled on before we started working on this.

The Investment Is Worth Every Penny

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Find the freedom to expand, explore, and transform with minimalist design that resonates. 

When you work with Sloan Studio, you won't just make a statement. You'll make your statement. 

Grow a Business You Love, with a Brand That Makes People Feel Something.

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